Hi all,
Operations Hugs is an opportunity for the quilter/sewer to show our young soldiers how much we truly appreciate them for the selfless sacrifice they make for our lives and this country!

Now you can create and donate a quilt for a newborn child of a military enlisted member. The size of the quilt should be a normal baby quilt (around 36 X 42 inches). Each of the quilts needs to have a cloth label on the back of the quilt with the name, city, state and year in permanent ink.

You can send the quilts to me and I will be happy to get them to the military newborn for you. Please email me directly for my address and additional questions that you may have.

Dori Nanry


Want a file of this? Click the pinchushion. Feel free to print out numerous copies and share them wih friends or your sewing group!

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